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A well known Canadian female tattoo artist whose designs are very realistic. She specializes in horror and vintage portraiture. Her designs are commonly seen amongst the rockabilly audience or horror movie fans. Her mad skills have earned her recognition in books, newspapers, radio interviews and on television.
“That tattoo is awesomesistastic! It must be an Allison Lawson.”

“Your tattoo is so badass, it fried my brain. Did you get that from Allison Lawson?”
by inkaholic_for_the_win December 17, 2009
A popular tattoo artist from Canada. She has been on television. She does a lot of portrait tattoos that are comparable to the work of Kat Von D. She is also known for her painting, drawing and graphic art.
I saw Allison Lawson doing some rad tats on TV.
by Jenny_From_The_Block January 04, 2010

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