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An absolutely amazing girl who knows how to make people smile endlessly. She's beautiful inside and out. Once you have an Alleise, don't let her go. Belonging to an Alleise is a once in a lifetime chance and is the best thing that could ever happen to someone. She is special and you wont find another girl like her. Everyone needs a friend like Alleise. An Alleise is irreplaceable and know how to treat people. You will never regret getting close to an Alleise. Once you have one, don't let her go
Boy 1: "damn bro whos that hot chick you're with??"
Boy 2: "Oh hellllll thats alleise. Shes my perfect girl!!!"
Boy 1: "Well damn break me off a piece of that!!"
Boy 2: "Helll no she's all mine"
by tanmanny October 22, 2012
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