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A young Indie underground singer/songwriter/rapper from Australia who raps about highly relatable stuff to the rest of the world, Allday has released mix-tapes and e.p available with his latest being 'Loners are Cool'. Some say he is the Australian Mac Miller.
Hipster 1: Dude, i am so fully in to allday the rapper right now
Hipster 2: chyeah same, my favourite song is 'nearly famous'
by yourmumsbabygoatnamedbilly April 19, 2013
AllDay© (one word) adj/int.~The Ultimate word. Can mean anything from "yes" to "excellent!"...can also be used as a question or the end of a prayer...AllDay can also be used as a greeting or conversation ender, in which the other person replies "EveryDay" also spelled "E'ryDay"
Ex. Sentences...
1. That shit was AllDay !
2. "Hey man i was so wasted last night" "AllDay???"
3."Hey man did you see the game last night?""AllDay!!!"
4.In Jesus's name....AllDay
5. Curt: d00d Allday


Tyler: Everyday!
by BoadyBambino and AlaricRight December 31, 2010
really good, yes, yes sir, ok, definitely, quite
wow!! look at that chick... ALL-DAY!
by rav October 08, 2003
24 inch rims or higher
Man did you seem them all days on that Impala
by Tiya October 14, 2006
In reference to being excited or enthused about doing something all day but in reality you can't.
Josh: Man we just crushed that team!
Matt: All-day!

John: I was creeping this girl out all the time, its funny to me.
Tyler: Wow that's a little much
Josh: All-Day
by Thewolfthatcriedman May 14, 2010
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Any day, every day, the whole day long's all-day.
by Hercolena Oliver June 27, 2010
when you nail your one rep max like its a piece of piss. applicable in other areas of difficulty that have been overcome with ease and style
see that deadlift? - "aaaall day"

guy1 - you really sure you can get the basket ball in the hoop from here!?

guy2 - all day

random guy - you think you can get with mehdi's work buddy?

karl - *grins* .. "all day"

mehdi - stop fucking saying that!
by karl z July 10, 2008