By far, one of the most cliche bands out in this generation other than Fall Out Boy and The Academy Is. Basically, the band that makes Forever The Sickest Kids look like The Backstreet Boys.

ATL is in fact a punk / pop alternative band who's hype is unneeded, over rated, and completely shit filled in fail. To the brim of honesty, if you find yourself liking this band, either you have no life, you are a "preppy" style girl, or you are precisely 13-16 years old.

Worst band ever. Right beside Fall Out Boy.
Guy 1: Hey, did you hear about All Time Low at the Warped Tour?
Guy 2: Yeah, I heard they blew.
Guy 3: I wish I could throw my Monster at them.
by Caiden L September 20, 2008
The best band ever. At least they used to be. Now they're not so hot.
All Time Low is slowly beginning to disappoint me
by Alex Gaskarth Is Still Hot Though February 12, 2008
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