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Refers to a task that has been completed or finalized. Derived from a parent instructing one of their children to set the dinner table.
Mother: "Johnny, did you set the table?"

Johnny: "yeah mah... its all set"
by WithSuchPoise October 22, 2011
(As an extrapolation of something being done or over), a way to say "now fuck off" in polite circumstances.
"No thanks, we're ALL SET here, PAL!"
by Nagrom May 27, 2004
verb: to be all set is to be over it.
im all set with goin out and gettin no dick.all set.
by joeski March 09, 2004
Having reached the state of intoxication when you could still partake if you wanted but you don't really need to. Usually used by pot smokers.
"Dude, that last bong hit got me all set"
by Happy Mr. Happy November 11, 2009
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