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The state of mind a male enters when he subconsciously has a sexual fantasy, usually in the middle of class, church, a movie, at dinner, or any other inappropriate time.

It isn't until about three minutes into this mental state that smiles and boners occurs within the male and he realizes that he has been having sexual fantasies for an extended duration of time.

The temporary phase usually lasts until the boner becomes obvious, someone notices the male's lack of attention, or some other stimulus draws the male out of his state of arousal.
I was all smiles and boners until an old lady said, "I see you staring at your dog's pussy."
by mourkeer March 26, 2012
To be full of happiness.
When the bride and groom kissed, I was all smiles and boners. Glad to see to people so in love.
by t_white March 26, 2012

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