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A SEXY BEAST, with a great sense of humor, someone who's dedicated A LOT, and with great talent mostly in music and trending, friendly and fits in any community, they're beautiful/handsome, funny, desired by men/women.
Girl1:hi girl, I LOVE THIS Alisar he's AMAZING
Girl2: I KNOW, HE's perfect
Girl1: i need to ask him out sometime

Girl2: no he's mine BITCH
And they lived not happily ever after

guy1: hey, did you see Alisar yesterday?
guy2: YES *_*
guy1: where?!
guy2: i dreamed about her and we had SEX!
guy1: WOW, must've been amazing
guy2:yeah she knows her job ;)
by oreuotrljdh xjn November 18, 2012
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