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A high school in Alhambra, California, near Los Angeles, where everyone looks like everyone else. Only a few unique punks, goths, and emos stand out. Rivalry schools with Mark Keppel High School. Has one of the best varsity football teams, award winning drill team, and some pretty hot guys.
Did you go to Alhambra High School's homecoming? They won against San Gabriel. And their drill team rocks ass!
by Thr0u6hTh31c3 October 28, 2006

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alhmabra drill emo football highschool
A high school located in Martinez, california. Heavily divided in half by Cliques. Upper commons- Jocks, Preps, Ghetto people(i.e. Ghetto Filipinos. Lower Campus- Emos, Goths, Stoners, Drama-geeks, Band Geeks, Anime-freaks.
"'hosnap, you go to Alhambra High?"
by Christian March 19, 2005