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an insignificant speck of microscopic dust on the map. This is why you can't find it. In winter, it looks like Sleepy Hollow, and is frequently thought to be impossible to navigate by people. Most mistake it for Auburn; however, this "city" (as it could qualify for a village) just got it's very own sign! In this "city" there is one store, a bar, two "parks", town hall and a coffee stand. Oh, and let's not forget the insanely long bike trail to who knows where. All in all this town is nothing special, but if you have the "pleasure" of living here: don't make even the littlest infraction against the law. The cops here are very bored and won't hesitate to stop and say "hello". Citizens of this settlement are very ferocious and will defend the signifcance of this town, no matter how right you may be; don't be fooled by their initial antispirited attitude.
an example of Algona is anywhere you suspect to be the middle of nowhere, or frequently get lost in, despite exhibiting obvious traits of civilization.
by insignificant citizens January 01, 2011
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