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A class that is a complete waste of time and effort and a reason to make you go home and cry to your mother. A class where you sit in a desk and wonder how in the world this has any real-life application. A WASTE OF TIME!!!
Solve for X.


x=no solution

me and every other high school student: "This is why Algebra II should go jump off a bridge."
by sldkfjlkd March 11, 2010
all algebra 2 is is coincidental stuff...there is really no application for any of it...all it is is some guy with no life thought 'if i add this number,multiply it with this one, square it blah blah...HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THIS NUMBER I GOT!' lmao
dumb kid "what is Algebra II?"
math dude"X+326*8^2...=784181 YAY"
by PUMAKING June 26, 2009
A class that is useless and extremely difficult for those who are not math geniuses. It's only functions are to lower averages/GPAs and make students hate math more than they already do.
Student A: Hey man, what'd you get on your Algebra II Regents Exam?

Student B: Like a 45. I don't get any of that shit.
by PR92 April 07, 2011