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A sweet, FUNNY, caring, polite, helpful, cute, nice/mean, smart, friendly, silly, weird, respectful, outgoing, and just all around great boyfriend.

Has an amazing personality!
Will always leave a smile on your face.
Likes when you give him coochi.
And looves when you tickle his back.
Im so lucky to have an Alexx <1234567
by lil bim bim May 26, 2012
10 5
The sexy man beast god being related to any of the fence jumping-tunnel-digging, frijol-eating people of Nogales.
Person 1: Did you see that god like person just then?
Person 2: Yeah he was a total man beast!
Person 3: Was he jumping fences?
Person 1: Yes, why?
Person 3: That was an Alexx
by Vivy February 17, 2008
86 55