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A girl who can be the best friend you ever had or the worst bitch you ever met.

She's the kind of human wreckage you love and wish you could save but you know
that you can't.

She can boost you up or kick your ass depending on what side you're on.

She's taken and happy, befriended and safe, pissed and pouncing like a panther.

PersonA: Dude have you seen Alexsa?
PersonB: That bitch?
PersonA: That's my best friend you;re talking about!
PersonB: Well she's a bitch to me!
PersonA: Well, That's cuz you're Frankie you douchebag!
by Alexsa aka Punk Phantom Cat January 08, 2009
A girl with a voice so sweet, she could make a wolverine purr.
Person a: ahhhh it's a wolverine, we're gonna die!
Person b: we need alexsa!
by snoop alex dogg August 10, 2008
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