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Female UCLA student who reached notoriety in just a matter of hours by posting a racist inappropriate rant on YouTube discriminating against Asian students in the library and on campus. With her mediocre vocabulary and ignorant views, she left people wondering how she even gained admission into UCLA. Probably S'd some D.
"Like oh mah gosh mah mamma raised me to be perfect with my fake blonde hair and orange tan, hehe" - Alexandra Wallace
by justtryingtostudy March 14, 2011
UCLA student who became an instant sensation after posting a video on YouTube dubbed "Asians in the library" where she expresses her grievances using language many found offensive, racist, and insulting stereotypes towards the Asian community.

To Ms. Wallace's dismay, her instant popularity was rather negative as her attempt to vent her discomfort let to immediate verbal and virtual attacks towards her, including death threats and unfriendly posts and replies on her video column, Facebook and Twitter accounts. What some have refereed to as her "right to exercise free speech" led to her name hitting the headlines in the media, unrest among the UCLA population, UCSD Chancellor coming forward in defense of the institution, and Ms. Wallace herself apologizing for her remarks.

Her video also provoked other YouTubers to upload videos either parodying her rants or expressing their disapproval.
UCLA Student 1: Hey, man, have you heard about that white chick Alexandra Wallace dissing Asians on speaking loudly in the library and bringing their family over to the dorms?"

UCLA Student 2: Crap, dude, she's just across the hall from me and no one wants anything to do with her now. She's famous now but not the right way to be famous, dude.

UCLA Student 1: Yeah man, she totally crossed the line.
by USFIRSTGOV March 18, 2011
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