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A very very cool person! Who loves loves loves sports, like basketball, baseball,soccer, and pretty much any sport! Alexs are very chill and an amazing friend to be around!
"Hey wanna go hang out with Alex?"
"Hey wanna watch a basketball game with Alex?"
"Hey wanna go play soccer with Alex?"
by Alex's is cool his Friend February 23, 2010
86 66
Epic cool (: loves metal music, loves head banging but most of all hes one of the best friends you will ever have (:
Alex is just plain amazing like ii just think he is so you can all think he is thankyou very much
by Heh (: February 04, 2010
53 33
An amzing girl with the best personalty and a donk. she doesn't care what people think about her. she is the smartest and most beautifull girl you will ever. they also make a great friend.
guy: i love my alex shes soo perfect
guy 2: luckyyy
by nicholas alexander rose May 10, 2011
34 17
A boy with an innate ability for stealing hearts. Pretty much the sweetest guy ever, Takes the best pictures ever. He makes himself so lovable that within a few months of dating one, you won't be able to imagine your life without him. Great at dancing, Any minute you spend with an Alex is priceless, and two minutes after you say goodbye you will instantly want to see/talk to him again. He is very nice and intelligent when needed, good ear and helps his pears, he is always there for anything you need.
I'm lucky enough to have an Alex, and I don't ever want to be without him. I love him, : )
by Bezzy14 September 07, 2011
28 12
The most amazing man you could ever meet. Truly a life changing human being. The best boyfriend and best friend anyone could ever have. Alex is the most charming, most considerate, sweetest, funniest, most talented, and completely perfect man in the world. Alex is sheltering, comforting, protective, generous, and loving. Alex is the most handsome man to ever exist. Alex can make you fall in love with him all over again each day no matter how many days you spend with him, and you'd surely never grow tired of him. Alex is just flawless. You may say he has flaws, but they aren't flaws if you love them, and you will love every single thing about Alex. Alex does tend to fuck shit up with how adventuresome, energetic, brave, and curious he is-- but that's what makes Alex, Alex.
by laurenjbro July 18, 2012
15 1
A girl who is the most gorgeous, has a wonderful personality, the best smile, can always make someone feel better, very understanding, very caring and loving, very tall, always puts others such as friends before herself, and impossible to not love. The person whom everyone wish
Person A : This is the first time I met Alex and I love her.
Person B : Of course, who doesn't love Alex?
Person C : I wish my girlfriend was like Alex.
Person D : Alex is the only person that I need.
Mike : I love Alex.
by MikePark December 16, 2010
25 11
1.Considered the Anti-Christ.

2.Eats souls and Drinks Children`s tears.

3.Causes depression and all cancer.
1. Alex is coming to end the world!

2. Waiter: What would you like?

Alex: I'll have a soul, medium-rare, and a glass of fresh Children`s souls.

Waiter: Were out of souls.

Alex: Then I`ll eat yours. RARRRRR!!!!!!!!

3. I went to see Alex and got testicular cancer.
by Cherry Cheeks April 26, 2010
69 55