a verb "to do an alex" is to succeed at everything life has thrown at you and to just win at everything
hey did u get that girl last night?" "yep, Epic Alex, fucked her all over then left her in a cupboard
by The Definer 123456789 June 16, 2010
A name for either a girl or a boy.

In a girl: Usually used as a nickname for "Alexandria" or "Alexandra". A girl with the name Alex is usally witty and sarcastic, but not always the smartest. They are not dumb, but they care about other aspects of life (i.e. Family, Friends, Religion) more than education.

In a boy: Usually used as a nickname for "Alexander". A boy with the name Alex is typically also witty and sarcastic, but very intelligent as well. They usually care about education very much, but are also very caring of their friends and family, and would put their friends/family ahead of themselves anyday. Sometimes they even do things that could potentially hurt themselves just to help someone else out.
In a girl: Alex is so funny and sarcastic, which is weird because she only has a C+ in her writing class!

In a boy: Alex is so intelligent and witty, I think I may very well be falling in love with him.
by UrbanUser1234 August 13, 2011
The HOTTEST, The funniest the nicest the cutest the best the guy who is literally all that a chick mega magnet. If there are no alexs the world wouldn't spin! Everyone loves him and thinks he is smexy
girl 1: oh look its alex and grace

girl 2: :( if only i were grace i'd be the luckiest person ever! *sighs and runs off in tears*
by derbymiddleschoolbirminghamMI December 25, 2010
A boy with an innate ability for stealing hearts. Pretty much the sweetest guy ever, Takes the best pictures ever. He makes himself so lovable that within a few months of dating one, you won't be able to imagine your life without him. Great at dancing, Any minute you spend with an Alex is priceless, and two minutes after you say goodbye you will instantly want to see/talk to him again. He is very nice and intelligent when needed, good ear and helps his pears, he is always there for anything you need.
I'm lucky enough to have an Alex, and I don't ever want to be without him. I love him, : )
by Bezzy14 September 07, 2011
can be a male or female name, the short form of Alexander or alexandra.

Male: Crazy hot and a freaking sex god, this guy can have you begging using just his tongue. Sex with this guy will leave any room trashed and your bed being destroyed He can outdrink and outperform anyone and anything on the face of this planet and most others. If you're a friend of his, he is insanely loyal, and will take a bullet for you. On the other hand, piss him off and you will end up with your eyes looking out the back of your head. Get's pissed off easily, so don't push him, anything will set him off, from looking at him wrong to messing with his friends to doing ANYTHING to hurt a girl. He will kick your ass.
Female: Somewhat tomboy-ish, will, like her male version, be able to outdrink most guys, and will laugh at any guy stupid enough to try cheesy chat-up lines or sleazy come-ons. she will also punch you in the face if you are a jackass . She has a bitter and sarcastic sense of humour that people mistake as being hurtful, and she can playu the guitar or bass. She will, almost certainly, own at least 2 pieces of black leather clothing, and her playlist will be hard rock and punk, with GNR, Metallica, Bad Religion and The Sex Pistols all in there. She is a tiger in the sack, and she does not do cuddling after. Like Joan Jett and Kim Gordon had a kid who got raised by Superman.
Girl: Hey, what was with Amys room last night, it sounded like it was getting smashed up?
Guy: Yeah, she went home with Alex
Girl: (understands) ohhhh...lucky!

Guy: (to Alex's friend) Hey, where the fuck you think you're going, asshole?
(Alex comes to help his friend, Guy's friends all move over too)
Guy: Back off, dipshit!
(Alex proceeds to destroy the others in seconds)

Guy: Hey baby, are you Jamaican? Cos Jamaican me crazy!
Alex: Hey, I got a question for you. What stinks of cheap cologne and screams like a little girl?
Guy: Huh?
Alex: Wrong. (Knees guy in crotch, where yes, he screams like a little girl)

(After sex)
Guy: (goes to cuddle)
Alex: Yeah, no. I gotta go. (Slides out of bed and gets dressed, leaving guy there)
Guy: Can I call you?
Alex: You got my number? (Guy shakes head) Then I'm guessing not. Bye. (Leaves)
by joejoewhojoemama November 10, 2011
A very rare predator

Instructions for Your Alex:

1) Love your Alex, they are very loyal and affectionate creatures...except when given sugar, then they can become slightly agressive. Be wary of this. And its probably best to buy a large cage just in case.

2) Give them a lot of care and attention, otherwise they could turn against you, and possibly eat you.

3) Ensure to let them out at least 5 times a day...they tend to urinate frequently.

Available at Argos, ASDA, Debenhams and other selected stores today!
Greg: Hey man, I bought an Alex yesterday! How's yours?
Craig: Dead. I forgot to water it.
Greg: Dead?
Craig: Dead.
...*casually walk away*
by GGGGreg March 25, 2011
A very very cool person! Who loves loves loves sports, like basketball, baseball,soccer, and pretty much any sport! Alexs are very chill and an amazing friend to be around!
"Hey wanna go hang out with Alex?"
"Hey wanna watch a basketball game with Alex?"
"Hey wanna go play soccer with Alex?"
by Alex's is cool his Friend February 23, 2010
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