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Alert Bay is an island in BC, Canada.

Alert Bay is a beautiful community, full of crazy people.

The people in Alert Bay sure know how to party hard and make a scene. The children of the community are often found in the ghetto or "whelalau" stealing eachothers tricycles or bikes, throwing mud at cars or houses. these children are often found in packs or tribes and an adult is usually never in site.

the teenagers of the community have a repuation for acting 'gangster' or 'thug'. Though not all of the teenagers are like this there is a large portion... and ffs they should stop. If they want to act like animals go to P'hardy.

the adults have respectable jobs... HA. theyre selling dope, complaining about the race that took over their portion of north america 100 years ago, and getting drunk at the bayside.

No you will not get shot in alert bay, but getting stabbed may be on to the agenda. Just avoid the Bayside... and anyone that has fake names like "ransome", "da boss", "babyshawtyprincess" and other weird gangster /hooker names....

regardless... Alert Bay is still way the better than any other island you've been to. and makes P-hardy look like a Cokehoe
"Dude, let's go over to Alert Bay this weekend" - Jason

"Idk man, I dont wanna get jumped" - Tommy

"you wont get jumped, this aint p-hardy we're talking about"- Jason

"okay. but let's stay away from the whelalau"-tommy
by i3atbabi3z October 23, 2011
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