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A very short, feisty, cute girl who is usually a lesbian but likes to deny it to the boys. She is very bubbly and friendly but also has a kinky side which involves whips and chains. Aleeeee.. shaa's have a natural passionate love towards Callum's and usually express that love through insults and flirty conversation. In a nut shell, Aleeeee.. shaa's are a very rare find, the perfect combination of cute and friendly appearances and an inner shell of kinky and flirty conversation. Be warned, if you are to come across an Aleeee... shaa, don't fall for her adorable charm or she will beat you up and leave you naked in a ditch with your hands and legs tied.
aleeeeeee.. shaa : im going to hug you
guy: okay c:
aleesha: *rapes you*
#aleee... shaa #is #gay #and #loves #callum
by msbfhwebjgbrns vs January 03, 2014
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