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Caribbean god, handsome, beautiful soul, honest, quiet, tender and loving..
I need to find an Alcides to call my own.
by sunny3 July 21, 2010
A man of the moon. An Alpha. A wolf. Werewolf. Defines himself with his heart before his mind. Chocolate itself. Like things raw and even when very funny and loving, can be extremely dangerous if somebody messes with his or his choclate. Likes to be always moving and howling. Alcide is a noun, however it can be used as an adjective. Belongs to the Long tooth Pack.
The girl saw the Alcide on the chocolate.
by Alcide-Herveaux February 24, 2010
an annoying ass mo'fo who doesn't have a life.
who also like to toss salads in the kitchen
dat guy is such an alcides.
by some dudette June 30, 2006
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