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A very strong, independent male from Dominican desent. A full figured man with dark, curly hair, big dreamy-brown eyes and strong hands.... very popular, friendly and at times flirtacious.... but then who doesn't like that from a good lookin man, right ;-) loves music, good food, great company... may have a handful of very close friends because he cannot trust just anyone.... so u need to earn his trust if you wanna be blessed with his pressance.... strong personality, a lover not a fighter, but if you push his buttons, You Better Run, or u may find his fist in your face... determined to get what he wants once he puts his mind to it... there is no holding him back, i dare you try...
Wow, did you see Alcibiades when he walked into school today? He looks HOT!!!
by FIHS April 27, 2010

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