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To put gravy in a girls pussy,dip a drumstick in it, and eat it.
I had a delicious Albuquerque Turkey last night
by Chris D.L. June 06, 2007
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A variety of sandwiches containing the common elements of turkey and green chile. Often sold at restaurants in New Mexico, including local Subways.

The type of bread used, the cheese, and other ingredients vary. Typical Southwestern fare such as guacamole is commonly included.
Did you try that Albuquerque Turkey at Kelly's?

Yeah, it was delicious. Much better than the one at Subway. I think Subway gets their green chile from Texas.

by Obi-Zahn Kenobi January 10, 2011
To back up with someone anus to anus, and shit into their ass, thus stuffing the turkey.
I'm so full from that Albuquerque turkey
by 70457 Digital Breeish November 27, 2010

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