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Noun - when an Alaskan stripper gives you a lap dance & leaves a streak down your pant leg.

Can also be used with any state or town!
Man, I got this killer lap dance last night at the titty bar. The bitch gave me one helluva Alaskan Paint Job!
by Rusty Sheriff's Badge May 04, 2011
When you get a lap dance and there is a skidmark left on your leg when the girl is done.
Brah!, I love your mom but you got to tell her to stop giving alaskan paintjobs to her clients. If she does that shit, pun intended, again she is fired.
by Joe Joker May 05, 2011
Receiving a lap dance and the stripper leaves a skid mark behind.
I went to the strip club for a lap dance and ended up leaving with an Alaskan Paint Job.
by tj2x April 21, 2011
A skid-mark left by a stripper's lap dance
My boy just got an Alaskan Paint Job. I told him that stripper was naaaaasty!!
by BoxKev April 22, 2011
When a stripper gives you a lap dance and leaves a skid mark on your leg.
Yo, I was down at Booty Hut last night and that bitch Bankrupt gave me a lap dance in the Champagne Room and left an Alaskan Paint Job on my Levi's!
by harrybalsac May 29, 2011
While receiving a lap dance, the stripper leaves a skid-mark on your leg.
“Discussing that chick gave you an Alaskan paint job”

“Awesome that stripper left me an Alaskan Paint Job”

“That Alaskan Paint Job stinks!”
by Quiksilver86 April 21, 2011
When a person receive a lap dance from a stripper, and she leaves a skid mark.
Yeah. Look at your leg. That bitch totally gave you an Alaskan Paint Job.
by Dr. DOODOO FINGER April 20, 2011
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