fucking a girl while her pubic hairs are on fire then use semen to take out the fire
we fucked so much that there was so much friction and her pubes caught on fire which creates the Alaskan Firedragon. Used semen to take out the fire.
by alaskakakaka August 27, 2016
When a men sets his dick on fire and sticks it Inside a girls pussy
Tupac Alaskan firedragoned me, and now my pussy is sour
by W.i.l May 31, 2016
An extinct species of Firedragon. The Alaskan Firedragon had no capability of breathing fire, and lived in the Sahara Desert.
Bob: The alaskan firedragon doesn't live in Alaska?
Joe: No, it lives in the Sahara Desert.
by Swimman March 19, 2009
An Alaskan Firedragon is NOT a sexual act. The sexual act the other alaskan firedragon definitions are refering to is an alabama firedragon. The Alaskan Firedragon is a dragon native to Alaska.
My pet Alaskan Firedragon is gunna eat all u crackas that claim the A.F. is a sexual act. Morons.
by HotMale@Hotmail.com November 21, 2007
When you are hitting your gay lover from the back and you climax, then he tells you he has a cold sore, crabs, and a third penis.
Lover: OH yeah!
You: I'm almost there... OH YEAH!!!!
Lover: now that that's over I have to tell you something
You: what?
Lover: I have Alaskan Firedragon you might want to get yourself tested.
by Greymatter 96 December 27, 2015
The act of having someone drink a cold beverage (like a slushy) then giving oral with said beverage in their mouth. Then, right when you cum, smacking the back of their head making the beverage and cum shoot out from their nose and mouth.
Alaskan Firedragons are messy.
by TheMeowingSpanker November 23, 2015
When a guy is plowing a chick and he pisses in her pussy
Damn...Jack gave me an Alaskan Firedragon last night. I had piss dripping from me for hours!
by Perversion Conversion January 27, 2012
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