An Alaskan Firedragon is NOT a sexual act. The sexual act the other alaskan firedragon definitions are refering to is an alabama firedragon. The Alaskan Firedragon is a dragon native to Alaska.
My pet Alaskan Firedragon is gunna eat all u crackas that claim the A.F. is a sexual act. Morons.
by November 21, 2007
An extinct species of Firedragon. The Alaskan Firedragon had no capability of breathing fire, and lived in the Sahara Desert.
Bob: The alaskan firedragon doesn't live in Alaska?
Joe: No, it lives in the Sahara Desert.
by Swimman March 19, 2009
An Urban Legend with orgins that trace back to alaska. Much like a sober eskimo or global warming.
1:Hey look an Alaskan Firedragon!!!
2:Psh! theres a sober eskimo.
1:what, where thats much more uncommon to see
2:oh, too late. you missed it. she just pulled out a bottle of alchol
1:damn... what to go see if we can witness global warming??
2: sure, why not
by rafie July 02, 2006
When a guy is about to cum while a girl is giving him a blowjob and he punches her in the throat and the cum comes out her nose.
Give him a blowjob he wont give you an Alaskan Firedragon.
by Alexandria(: (: October 19, 2011
Originally came into use in South-Western Michigan in the 49456 area code it is defined as the act of jizzing in a women then telling her something along the lines of "Honey, I have HIV/AIDS/or some other terrible disease."
Mike: Did you here what Jim did to Sally?
Chris: What did he do?
Mike: Instead of breaking up with her he gave her the alaskan firedragon!!!
Christ: Really? Hahahahahaha
by bonzeben23 January 18, 2010
When a guy is plowing a chick and he pisses in her pussy
Damn...Jack gave me an Alaskan Firedragon last night. I had piss dripping from me for hours!
by Perversion Conversion January 27, 2012
sexual act of woman giving a blowjob and before man cums punches woman in nose then cums so the blood cum mix on the womans chin
while evan was gettin a bj from caitlin the bitch tried to quit halfway so he alaskan fire dragoned her
by evangarlock August 13, 2011

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