Finally or "at last"
Together alas!
by urbanslang26 December 28, 2011
Meaning you have figured something out, or

something has happened.
Alas, the package has arrived.

Alas, you have found the phone.
by Sally19 June 26, 2010
The shortened term for the commercial and retail district (mall) of Ala Moana in Honolulu, Hawaii.
"Hey, do you want to go alas today?"
by inexoracacious February 17, 2010
came to be a saying when my buddies sister is attempted to yell at you it sounds like this

Steph="YOu punks better stop that"
james="...your gay"
steph"no you gaY"
james="...who gay?you gay

it is now a term used to say hello
walking down the hall john sees james.
john" ALAAAAA"
james *looks back* ALAAA
by jeihan October 15, 2007
A L A S, act like a stripper.

So much drama in such a small package.

Alas and get your clothes off.
by mecicon April 25, 2008

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