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A massive case of diarrhea in which after going poop there is no way to wipe up all of the remaining fecal matter- thus, the subsequent remainder mixes with butt sweat to create a swamp like atmosphere in your underwear. The drops usually keep excreting in a slow ooze-like fashion for several hours. Someone that has the Alabama Swamp Drops might find themselves wandering to the bathroom several times per hour just to wipe. Severe cases have been known to spread from undergarments to outer garments in a stinky liquid filled brown mess.
After eating the chorizo burrito, I had the Alabama Swamp Drops for days. That shit just kept slowly oozing out of me.

I've gone to the restroom three times in the last half hour just to wipe. Damn! I've got the Alabama Swamp Drops!
by Rehnquist Silverfox October 27, 2011
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