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Your friendly neighborhood black man. The guy you always run to for help and advice, the one you trust with your life just because he is willing to listen. Though, he himself is not a very revealing character, keeping his thoughts and emotions to himself, which usually lead to stress. Nevertheless, he is a great leader and motivator, because people are willing to listen to a man who is willing to listen to them. Lastly, he is the man who cares and loves you more than you could and would ever guess. So be careful the next time you talk to him about a crush, because he may get hurt and/or jealous.

PS, Alaaddin and Alaadin and Aladin and Aladdin are not the same!
I wish I could speak to Alaaddin, he'd know what to do.
by Kentucky Fried CHICKEEEENNNNNN September 21, 2011