Served as Vice President under Bubba Clinton from 1993-2001. Let's get one thing straight...this man was NOT elected President of the United States in 2000. Despite winning the popular vote (which, according to the U.S. Constitution does not win the Presidency and has happened twice), he lost the Electoral Vote needed to secure the election. He did NOT win the election! Bush won it fair and square, despite what the ignorant liberals believe.

Now, on to other things. Al Gore is a radical environmentalist, fraud and a liar. He is a puppet of the liberal media to pursuade you into believing that human beings are on the verge of extinction by global warming and that, allegedly, the Earth's poles and Greenland are melting. He wants you to believe the "eroding" of the ozone layer is a result of human behavior. And he wants you to believe that the Earth is on the verge of being destroyed. What a clown this guy is. He should join the circus as Al the Donkey Boy, because he is such a jackass. The liberal media wants you to believe that, because he is an ex-Vice President and a Democrat means he has credibility. What a croc.

Oh yeh, he takes credit for bogus crap. He believes he invented the Internet. This guy really gives himself a pat on the back enough.
Al Gore is a disgusting liar, fraud, and environmentalist (notice the word mental in it) wacko. He has become mentally disturbed and obese, allegedly due to the depression he has suffered from not being elected President. He should be admitted into a mental institution. Thank God this man wasn't elected. He should disappear from the public eye and not return.
by krock1dk November 03, 2007
a obese politician who enjoys to eat brocoli and water plants because he loves the earth. he is married to the earth, and is celebrating his 15th wedding anniverary soon! yay! bring gifts!
"Wow Al Gore really loves the environment and earth!" "Yeah he does, what a fruit-cake!"
by JJMAN CHYEA October 26, 2007
1. Winner of the 2000 presidential election
2. Inventor of the internet
1. Al Gore won the election until George Bush was appointed by the supreme court
2. Al Gore invented the internets
by Bob353 July 29, 2006
A man who ISN'T and NEVER was President of the United States, contrary to popular belief by numerous liberals and other angry Democrats. This man is a total jackass, and we all know that he did NOT invent the internet.
Al Gore is a damned fool. He doesn't even truly represent his own state (Tennessee) either; he spent most of his life in a political atmosphere with his daddy in Washington!
by Fan of Survivor (the band) May 13, 2005
Vice President to Bill Clinton and also the loser who thinks he invented the internet
Al Gore: um i took the liberty of inventing the internet
by NS March 29, 2005
I own my own shrimpin business.
I'm Al Gore and my mama always said life is like a box of chocolates.
by Al Gore February 04, 2005
More like Al Gore-illa !!!!

That boy is getting fat!!
Al GOre is a big,fat fuck!
by mooooo October 22, 2004

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