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Verb, meaning to unintentionally and unexpectedly shit your pants. Also known as gambling and losing. See also, shart. May result in going commando at the white house.
I had the flu and I totally al rokered myself three times, dude.
by Jackass36 February 03, 2013
When you are getting a blow job and you are about to cum on his/her face, and then you interview him/her with your dick, asking "How's the weather down there?"
"Hi I'm Al Roker, reporting from the field. How's the weather down there?"

"Sweaty, with a chance of precipitation, in the form of hot sticky cum. Back to you, Al."
by Newscastrate March 10, 2009
The black member of the al-Queda that is usually the prankster of the group.
Tortured Man writing in journal: "While the towelheads made threats to my life and family, the al-Roker sat there and made degrading and humorous comments about the size of my dick."
by Mepman February 17, 2012
A morbidly obese, african american watherman/journalist known for his affinity for fried chicken, watermelon, and kool-aid.
Al Roker is a strong advocate of the partaking of his mother's hot poon, as he elucidated on the Food Network.
by Davester 6675 June 16, 2006