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The term "Akroness" is used to describe anything from, of, or relating to the city of Akron, Ohio, and is only fully understood by residents of the city. The first known use of the term "Akroness" was on January 16, 2004 when it was coined in the quote below:

"The food at El Rincon and Azteca is pretty much the same. Pretty much exactly the same. Azteca is just nicer of the inside. However, I perfer the dirty mexican "akroness" of El Rincon."

From here, an official definition of Akroness was created:

akroness - n.
1. a state of disheveled uncleanliness or disorder.
2. having the ironic quality of being simultaneously marked by outward signs of neglect and frequent use.
3. a state of being out of date or untrendy; unfadish (OLD FASHIONED)
4. a movement in urban planning from the 1920s and 1930s featuring tract housing, bungalows and the frequent placement of factories and chicken resturaunts (Akroness).
1. The absent minded professor could not clean up all of the akroness in his office.

2. Although the akroness leads one to belive otherwise, people actually do work in that building.

3. Akroness set in and caused the club to become unpopular with young people.
by el_Jefe September 17, 2006
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