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The greatest girl in the history of great. She's beautiful, warm hearted and caring, generally a wonderful person. However, Akita has been misunderstood. She has some trouble in her life, but there will always be this one person there for her, no matter how bad things get, their love will always be unconditional.

Akita's great, she just doesn't know it.
That girl is a real Akita.
I care about her a lot, she's an Akita to me.
by yomummaisfat July 15, 2013
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a dog of japanese nationality which constantly has a confused look and is known to man handle and rape your best friend in the living room.
Damn dude, akita pwned you like a porn star.
by Cpl USMC August 08, 2008
a Japanese dog that's a pain in the ass and partialy retarded, and partly cute so it's exscused for its flaws
last week, i lit my akitas butt hair on fire, and it took 6 seconds for it to realize it and scream
by Cpl USMC August 07, 2008
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