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1) The ability to being late or not showing at all to any social activities with your friends, without notifying, yet to make them feel like it's their fault.

2) Cognitively disappearing during a conversation (including text messages) exactly at the most critical moment. May also occur simultaneously with L.M.A syndrome (Lost of Motor Abilities, aka "CHaCHuCHa") during a frontal conversation.
1) "He is late! again! what have I done wrong? I should have text him a reminder before I left home..."

"Dude, you've just got Akirov'd"
2) Whats-app :

(person A) 20:12: Hi !

(person B) 20:12: Hi pal!

(person A) 20:13: Wanna go for a drink?

(person A) 20:13: I'm just in front of your home...
(person B) 23:55: Hi, Where are you?
(person A) 23:55: Screw you, that's the last you Akirov me
by MegaÜberMonkeyBear October 23, 2013
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