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A crazy, outgoing, fun, loving girl who always knows how to make someone laugh. When it comes down to it, she can be serious and respectful. She is someone you could never ever forget, and she makes a lasting impression. She won't stab you in the back, and she knows how to enjoy life to the fullest. She loves to run and is very athletic. She's very tall and amazing. She can get obsessed with things very quickly, but overall, she cares about you more than Justin Bieber. She is the most gorgeous girl you will ever meet, and is the best girlfriend/friend ever.
Guy 1: See that girl over there?
Guy 2: Yeah, she's fine as hell.
Guy 1: She looks like an Akeisha to me.
Guy 2: I wonder if she's dating...

Girl 1: That girl over there is so sweet.

Girl 2: I know, she's my bestfriend Akeisha :)
#girl #fine #running #gorgeous #happy #akeisha
by JoyJoy100 May 10, 2012
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