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- as a noun (feminine....very feminine):

1. a wimping female, deragotary undertone. Usage : "Don't go Akapro on me!"
2. one in constant anal pain. Refers to a broken rectal sphincter, a.ka. "butthurt"
3. all that is beta in the world.

- as a proper noun:

Akapro is a forum member on EBWF. He's specializing in pseudo-political comments with no real factual backing. His posts can be summed up as "America sucks, give me attention, whaaaaa!".

Lacking self-confidence, initiative and the respect of his peers, he constantly tries to jump on the anti-america bandwagon made popular by his more successful peers Underbelly and HeroinJugernaut.

Akapro is doomed to live in the shadows and is perpetually resentful and angry for it.

- Contributions throughout history:

none whatsoever.
18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is akapro.
by EBWF_Herald July 04, 2013
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