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An air head that is a whore. Not only are they a whore, they are airheads, too!
Ashley said, "Oh my god, I gave Quinton a blow job last night."

Diana said, "Oh my freaking god, I know, I was there, too, remember? We went three way!"

Then, Ashley said, "Oh yeah, you looked so hot!"

Sammi said, "wow, they are such airwhores..."
Caroline asked, "Who, Diana and Ashley?"
Then Mary and Kimberly said together, "DUH!"
by OMGgirl;D September 15, 2009
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Someone who will do anything to get on the air. i.e., broadcast radio.
Jason is just an air whore will do anything to get time on the show!
by Soporific1 July 23, 2008
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A girl that is such a whore that when she talks whore kinda just seeps out of her and into the air
Omg, there's Jessica better put a gas mask on she's a air whore
by Professor asshole April 22, 2016
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