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Anyone who fails at airsoft or airsoft related question...
Common variations include but are not limited to: Codsofters, Chairsofters, RichSpoiledKidsofters, DarrenWhitesofters, IThinkI'maSniperBecauseIHaveaUTGL96softer, and WannaBeRussiansofters.
These people can be very annoying due to the extensive amounts of ignorant posts on Facebook or other airsoft sites, these posts can be fixed with a simple understanding of how to use google or youtube.
Kid 1: "Hey guyz...I'm new to airsoft and I have $100, what gun from black ops can I get that shoots over 600fps??? help meh PLEAZ!!!
Kid 2: "STFU Airsoft Failure GTFO!!!
by Mr. Airsofter August 16, 2011

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