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A tall gazelle like creature usually found in large urban spaces. Most frequently seen wearing glasses and short skirts, but on occasion will dress in ripped up jeans and a stolen ball caps. The only way to be certain if you have come across an Airianna is to startle the creature and see if it makes a yikes like sound. But do not get to close for they are well known for their Bah Bam screech of death
Run for it!! Airianna has gotten loose.
by ftly October 15, 2010
The name Airianna is derived from the Greek Ariadne who was the consort of the God Dionysus. This is believed to be why people with the name Airianna are often never seen without a drink in their hand and are also known for having a wild streak.
Airianna wants to git for d.
by oldso July 04, 2010
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