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To be Airbear one must be a sweet, gentle, kind, loving down to earth guy who knows how to treat a lady with love and respect and who loves to be unique and is always willing to brighten up someones day with a smile.
That handsome guy over there is Airbear.
by Loanski April 05, 2009
A nickname for someone named Erin, who looks and acts like a giant teddy bear
Hey Air Bear, you looking remarkably fluffy today.
by Erin Nichols June 24, 2008
A totally Bad Ass and fun loveing guy. the center of attention. totally cute. everyone loves. you can't replace this kid no matter what. he's one of a kind and unique. he is all that is wonderful and sex. ladies find him very attractive.
this kid is totally killer.
damn hes the life of the party.
yea he is.
whats his name?

i think its Air-Bear.
by Air Bear April 01, 2008
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