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One who possesses ADD while talking on AIM, or any other instant messenger program
- zones out often
- talks to many people at once and gets thing confused
- sits there and lets you talk to yourself while doing other things...
bluliberati0n: Hey
FakeId1: hi
bluliberati0n: im going to write a song for my band what should it be
Fakeid1: idk- what do you think
Bluliberati0n: im thinking like a heavy metal kinda thing
bluliberation: maybe a punk rock song...

5 minutes pass - as Bluliberati0n talks to himself over and over

Bluliberation: OMG, are you there
FakeId1: sorry i was watching TV
Bluliberation: wow you have AimDD

by Jake Ballou October 29, 2007
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