A line that was used by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's character Christopher Danson, from the movie "The Other Guys" before him and Samuel L. Jackson's character P.K. Highsmith, jumped from a building edge to their death, which means "Go Kill Yourself" or "Go Jump off a Cliff and Kill Yourself"!
You just spent all your rent money on a pair of $700 shoes? Girl... Aim for the Bushes!
by Sjay and Lovely December 07, 2010
Top Definition
To attain a level of overconfidence due to cheating death numerous times whereby you think you can achieve superhuman feats.
Arrogant cop #1: You thinking what I am thinking partner? Arrogant cop #2: Aim for the bushes.
by brickman73 August 19, 2010
The phrase you utter before you or someone else attempts something stupid that has the potential to fail hilariously.
JOE: "That's a double paned glass door. Do you really think you can run through it on one try and not hurt yourself?"

BILL: "I don't know man, I'm gonna aim for the bushes on this one!"
by SirMcDude August 29, 2010
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