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it means 'partner' in Japan.
4 all u yu-gi-oh! fans u might know Yugi as Yami's aibou...or Ryou as Bakura's aibou....(in an I doubt way those 2 don't get along)
by Nasyki February 28, 2004
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"I think it's Japanese for gay." While the Japanese word has no connotation towards sexuality, and usually just refers to guys who have some sort of working relationship (business partnership, tennis partners, wingmen in picking up women, or simply best friends etc.), it can only be translated into English as "partner," and so the homosexual connotations of that phrase have carried over. It does not help that the word was largely popularized in Yu-Gi-Oh as the pharoah refers to Yugi as Aibou, and there is a lot of homosexual oriented fandom regarding that "partnership." Official coinage as a synonym for "gay" by Marik from Little Kuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series.
"I think it's Japanese for gay."

"That's so Aibou!"
by I<3cardgames January 26, 2010
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literally meaning "partner" in Japanese, it is has now more commonly meant gay or homosexual.
i'm going to the aibou pride parade!!
by the gentlemen thief January 06, 2010
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