The person who originated the first female wet dream. A prototypical genius, amazing at most tasks, and unparalleled in his sexual prowess.
Girl: I just had my first wet dream.
Boy: What did you dream of?
Girl: Ahsan
by the_technician November 23, 2012
Top Definition
Common name of a sexy playa who encourages female wet dreams. Ahsans are extremely modest and never boast about their vast experience in bed, their ridiculously huge cock, or the fact that your girlfriend probably wants to nail him. Ahsans are constantly pestered with calls from their exes pleading them for their huge cock. Almost every person blessed with this name has pure awesomeness coursing through their blood.
verb. that guy just made me Ahsan on the spot.

adj. oh my gosh! i had the best cock last night! he unzipped his pants and out rolled his 11 inch penis! Best sex ever!
wow...that dude is such an Ahsan.
by DavidWebb February 23, 2010
Sexy male found to be the ultimate reason behind female wet dreams.
verb. (female) that guy is so fucking hot. He just made me Ahsan on the spot.
by GbWebb February 22, 2010
He is so fucking awesome and Naya is his whore. He is one of the biggest plays and while being that he's a badass. Legend says he caught a bullet in his mouth while fingering girl pussy what a tremendous guy he is. He got a 26inch dick while 12 inch wide. His conversation skills is a great aspect of this badboy. Men dream to be like him women adore him.
Have U seen that ahsan lately. Probably putting his big dick in a tight girls pussy.
by john99 December 26, 2013

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