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Curvy, nerdy girl with a short attention span and cool glasses. She likes to play Nintendo and eat popcycles. Ahna's usually have impeccable taste in music, and can be quite snobbish to others with a not-so-awesome taste. They are faithful, REALLY good cooks, and perfect wife material. HOLD ON TO THESE! They are rare. Some are also known for excessive consumption of marajuana.
Ahna's over there doing whippets again.
by scrappy_xo1 September 06, 2010
Ahna - sister of all knowing wisdom and power ( or so she thinks ). Really just an insane know it all who, when tired, speaks in an array of different accents. Good for quoting Firefly, Serenity, Finding Nemo, House, Grey's Anatomy, Veronica Mars and Boston Legal.
Ahna also likes taco's.
by Kaybe July 31, 2006
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