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Rather common, potentially fearsome and almost entirely insane lower-class countryside dweller wont to shouting "GET ARFF MOY LARND!" and pointing a 12-bore at one. Fond of tractors, cider and unpleasant acts with farmyard creatures, he or she serves a purpose. Quite whatthat is, apart from making a good beater and emptying the slurry pit occasionally, is moot.

Not to be confused with the Barbourian, which is a far higher caste of rural inhabitant altogether.

Better somehow, than town-centric, SUV-driving types, whose prisitne vehicles climb nothing higher than the kerb outside the local Waitrose.
Referred to in Blur's Coffee and TV, the agri-yob also features in the film Straw Dogs and in Waugh's novel Scoop.

From Coffee and TV:

"Do you go to the country?
It isn't very far.
There's people there who will hurt you
Cos of who you are…"
by Roo August 12, 2009
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