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The sudden 180-degree whiplash that the typical female teen pop star undergoes at a certain magical age. Her public/stage persona, until this time, accentuated her virginity, purity, and innocence. Suddenly, Daddy's little girl morphs into PowerSlut Girl, and her stage persona and performance incorporate pole-dancing, nearly transparent clothing, exaggerated sexuality, and raunchy language and content.

The Age 18 About-Face can be avoided by a singer who has genuine talent and is something more than a music-industry manufactured product, but realistically, how many female teenage pop singers fill that bill?
You know J. Random Teenie-Singer, that blonde Momon purity queen whose hymen seems to be worshiped by half the music industry? Yeah, there are a lot of middle-aged men slavering for a year from now when she pulls her Age 18 About-Face.
by DancingKali April 10, 2011