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The act peformed by a female after receiving "the shocker" from a poor excuse for a male. It can be gesticulated in photos or as a threat by flashing the knee, as that is what will be grounded into said males testicles after he attempts "the shocker", and not lightly either, with an exceeding amount of force.
Aptly named the "After-Shocker" as it is after, and also a shocker of its own.
*Boy gives Girl the Shocker*
Girl : "Oh my God, what did you just do?"
Boy: *Laughing* "Hahahaha, gave you the shocker"
*Girl performs After-Shocker*
Boy: *screaming in agony* "Jeeeezzzzzzzz what the hell was that for?"
Girl: " Being a complete asshole, goodbye"
*Girl exits leaving boy writhing in agony*
by TheJustice123 March 02, 2010

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