the concept that white Europeans would be living in caves, grunting to communicate and eating raw meat unless black Africans taught them a better way. The Greeks, Persians, Babylonians had no culture until they learned it from Africans. Many historical characters Europeans think were white were really black. Until invaded by Europeans or Arabs, all Africans were black, including the Egyptians and Carthaginians.
The Afrocentric culture taught the Europeans everything.
by mungo January 03, 2004
Top Definition
Studies centered on African or African derived cultures and they're contributions to modern society. Seriously that's it, the rest of you are either, a. pretty ignorant. b. racist, c. euro-centrists, or d. desperately in need of a college level history course.
The professor introduced his Afrocentric theory that states that certain words used in today's vernacular such as okay, shout, banjo, gumbo, and guy are Africanisms, or African cultural survivals in modern society.
by frankiszero March 23, 2011
An awkward, pseudo-PC way to say "black"
Officer, three big men dressed in baggy black clothes took my purse!

Were they...afrocentric?
by TheGoyWonder March 11, 2013
to be afrocentintized
that is so afroncentric if ur in the bronx
by Annonymous November 14, 2003
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