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Generally, Afraa is a very sweet, classy, beautiful, stylish and fun person.

She's known for being a fashionable person who has a big ego when needed but is still classy.

But once you cross the lines and don't respect her, welcome to hell!

Afraa only cares for her close friends so don't be surprised if she didn't really care about you if you got injured or something.
Also, Afraa is a very straightforward person, never two faced. if she hates you, you'll know!

B: *bumps into Afraa and starts laughing*

Afraa: I don't like you, you're cheap and I just want to tell you to stay away from me and don't talk to me. End of story.

B: Calm down!

C: Well that's Afraa for you!
by Afraa's Stalker November 03, 2013
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