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to move in a sexual motion while suspended in mid-air.

Usually preformed by straddling your dance partner, legs locked in an intimate embrace and thrusting ones pelvis in motion to the beat of the music.

noun, verb,adjective
Aer-Banging, Aer-banger, Aer-Banged, Aer-Bangette
noun- the well oiled and muscular go go dancer at 80's club pyramid has been known to "Aer-Bang" older slightly unattractive women onstage.
verb- omg it was so romantic, we went to red lobster and then spent the whole night "Aer-Banging"

Pastence- He sat in his highbacked italian leather rocking chair and fondly reminisced of his younger years and all the supple young european women he Aer-Banged while on his tour of duty.

title- Thou shalt be known as Aer-Banger 4000 from hence forth.

title2- WTF, who does she think she is? his Aer-Bangette?
by Simonara January 22, 2009
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