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A Man Whore, Crusty Cunt, A Very un attractive Male/Female, No One is Really Sure, He Looks Like A Horse Steped On His Face, He Has No Life or Sould, Hes Just Knocks Up Horses 24 7 Since Thats The Only Thing He Can get, And Hopes For The Best They Dont Reject.
Reject Is An Every Day Thing For Adyn, He Doesnt Have Many Friends So He Sits On FaceBook All Day, So Nobody Has To Look At Him In person, Maybe One Day He Will get Friends, Highly Unlikley, And He Just Has No talents, Hopefully He Will Get Better.
He Claims Hes Top Shit, Wich Will Never Happen
Ewwww Theres, Adyn That Must be Why My Eyes Are Bruning
by Adyns Coolest Friend December 30, 2013
A gay little cunt who no one likes and all girls are scared of him. Also, he sucks dicks. He laughs like a little pussy.
Girl: Ew oh fuck adyn is coming
*girls run away
by adynisgay November 28, 2013