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The status between "friend-zone" and "love-zone". These "advocates" usually travel around the world together to advocate many great causes. Though, usually stuck with a hotel room with one queen-sized bed while visiting developing countries, the male figure awkwardly has to ask to sleep in the bathtub due to the lack of "love-zone" status. While in the bathtub, the male usually has to keep a constant watch on the drain-hole because occasionally wild cobras will come out and feed on him. The male "advocate" should most wisely bring duct tape or, better yet, a large stone to cover the drain hole while he sleeps.
Hey, man, I heard that you got to be in her Advocate-Zone! How did you cope with the cobras?

It wasn't to bad, I brought a taser so that I could sting them when they came out of the drain pipe.
by pseudonymFood March 09, 2012
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