The best late - night television programming block in the universe.
Hey, let's go watch adult swim!
by Bob882 October 03, 2004
Adult Swim originally was the time that children weren't allowed in the pool, allowing the older crowd to swim in relative peace. Adult Swim can be applied to any time that a select group is allowed priveleges.
The website had an adult swim from eight to ten every night, when only paying members could participate.
by elston October 19, 2004
Cartoon Network's late night adult channel where adult anime and adult cartoons are featured for adults.

My favorite shows on there are Shin Chan, Fooly Cooly, Super Milk Chan, InuYahsa, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist and Yu Yu Hakusho (before it became beautiful Toonami material).

A long time ago, Monday through Thursday nights would have both adult anime and adult cartoons on Adult Swim. It was pretty much the same when they got Friday nights. Saturday nights after Toonami was anime's time to shine while adult cartoons show on Sunday nights.

But now on Monday throught Friday nights with Adult Swim, anime doesn't show with cartoons anymore. Anime on Adult Swim still shows on Saturday but we could use more anime on there because adult cartoons have weekday and Sunday nights and that's not really fair.
(Probably another New Cartoon Network plot against anime)

Still, Adult Swim is looking better than the new Cartoon Network.

If anyone believes this is a good Adult Swim definition and that we shuld have more anime on it, rate up. :)
Adult Swim is best known for adult animation.
by AnimeandToonLover July 22, 2009
The best TV progam show thingy ever.
Yay! adultswim is on!!! Let's watch it.
by Poopy August 27, 2004
A block shown on cartoon network showing anime, comedy cartoons from other networks, and various original Adult Swim exsclusive shows. Most of the original shows seem to have been inspired from the early success of "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast", a show that was not only 15 minutes (like most Adult Swim originals) but was aired late at night when Adult Swim never existed.
The kiddies shouldn't watch adult swim.
by nikkan_hanil June 30, 2004
Home of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
Recognize and represent.
by Ingrate February 28, 2005
Heaven. Especially during night time.
If everybody was a tv show, then when I die I want to go to Adult Swim.
by tpfusion June 05, 2005
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