Stands for All Day Session. On the ale. Or rather lager, given the drinking habits of the lads who employ this term.

May help cure the other ADS.
"See you later, I'm off on an ADS with the lads."
by Elli June 03, 2006
an acronym for Asian Driver Syndrome. The stereotype that asians drive badly
Ohh man, that guy nearly ran me over. He has some really strong ADS going on!
by YAREMAMAN May 20, 2010
an adult who appears to have downs syndrome, but does not,

Matt is so ugly I am sure he has ADS
by KC42 February 09, 2009
An acronym for: Asian Dick Syndrom, that is to say, a person with a very small penis. Almost all Asians are born with it. Not to be confused wth pre-pubescentcy, also commen in Asians.
*In Change-Rooms*
Normal Boy: Man your puny!
Infected Boy: Dude it ain't my fault...its all to blame on ADS!!
by Crzy_Kid! May 15, 2008
Standing for All Dem Shits, a crew out of Teaneck, NJ who throw the biggest parties and smoke ridiculous amounts of weed. First started as a freestlye crew.
" Damn dude ADS parties crazy i wanna be in that crew"

"ADS in ya face muthfuckas!"
by Sec$ May 01, 2009
It is a thing you can write if you are angry
FUCK - types ads
by Ass_Hole_man August 03, 2003
Asian Dick Sindrom. aisians have small wangs. it is because of the a.d.s
there is no asian with a dick larger than 3 inches
by C wizz February 20, 2003

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